5 Common Misconceptions About Massage Chairs
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5 Common Misconceptions About Massage Chairs

Dec 16, 2021

When it comes to massage chairs, there can be a number of questions and misconceptions that come to mind. Where some may think that a back massage chair is only for those with big, lavish budgets, others may wonder if they’re safe as an alternative to traditional human massage.

To help settle any doubts about how massage chairs can help people of all lifestyles, we’re addressing your questions and concerns. Let’s take a look at five common misconceptions about massage chairs and set the record straight!

Correcting Common Misconceptions About Massage Chairs

If recent years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of self-care for both our physical and mental health. Studies have shown that getting regular massages may assist in managing stress by lowering cortisol levels naturally, enhancing how the body heals itself, improving sleep quality, and even elevating your mood. Making regular appointments with a massage therapist can be hard on your schedule and your wallet, however, making it difficult for some to do.

The evolution of today’s luxury massage chairs has created the opportunity to experience the benefits of massage therapy at home, instead! While the back massage chairs of today might have advanced greatly, some people may be unaware of the major differences between old vs new massage chairs. To bring you up to speed, we’re examining these common misconceptions about massage chairs:

  • Massage chairs are all super expensive
  • Owning a massage chair is impractical
  • Massage chairs aren’t as good as human massage
  • You can’t use a massage chair while pregnant
  • Massage chairs are just for sore muscles

“I Can’t Afford an Expensive Massage Chair”

Kicking off our list of common misconceptions about massage chairs is probably one of the first factors you consider: price. How much is a massage chair and what does it provide, you wonder?

The truth is there are massage chairs available ranging from $500 to over $10,000. Each of the usual price points are likely to offer you different levels of massage chair features and options. For example, the cheapest massage chairs are going to be very basic, providing a routine back massage without a lot of options. These massage chairs can feel good, but won’t provide the same potential health benefits of massage chairs at higher price points due to their limitations in technology and design.

Conversely, luxury massage chairs at the middle and higher end of the scale may offer additional features such as chromotherapy, zero gravity reclining capabilities, and the benefits of heat therapy. You may even find AI massage chairs that use multiple body scanning techniques to provide a unique, custom massage experience to meet your needs each time.

While price can vary widely, an additional misconception about massage chairs is that the higher price means you can’t afford it. Many back massage chair manufacturers offer financing options that make your luxury massage chair dreams come true! In the end, the benefits of owning a massage chair include that it pays for itself over time. Instead of endless expensive massage therapist appointments, you’re able to enjoy a massage at any time you need and from the comfort of your own home. That’s an investment that makes sense!

“Owning a Massage Chair Is Impractical”

Another of the most common misconceptions about massage chairs is that they’re impractical. This tends to stem from the notion that massage is simply a luxury indulgence. While getting a massage does feel great, the fact is that studies have shown many potential benefits of massage therapy including improving mobility, increasing flexibility, helping with arthritis pain and flare ups, maintaining a healthy spine, plus managing anxiety and stress.

The many possible ways massage chairs benefit health make them not only practical, but practically essential for the health and well-being of individuals from all age ranges and lifestyles.

“Massage Chairs Aren’t as Good as Human Massage”

Thinking that massage chairs aren’t as good as human massage may be something to be worried about from the cheapest models on the market, but luxury massage chairs are a very different story. Today’s best full body massage chairs give you choices between 3D vs 4D massage chair rollers, incredible bonus features, and S-track vs L-track frames to deliver the ultimate relaxation you need.

In fact, the evolution of today’s massage chairs have effectively eliminated any differences between massage chairs vs human massage. For example, you can find massage chairs with body scanning technology that ensure your massage begins and ends at the perfect spots on your body each session (and for each user). You’ll also find back massage chairs with custom programming options to let you focus on where you need a massage most.

When you’re examining a 4D massage chair, you suddenly get advanced control over the speed and depth in a single stroke. In this way, 4D massage chairs will more identically mimic the movements of a live massage therapist.

Beyond matching up to human massage, today’s massage chairs actually excel past them. With additional massage chair features available in top models, you can experience a massage like you’ve never had before whenever you want.

“You Can’t Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant”

Full body massages reduce stress, can alleviate pain, and may benefit your mind. This sounds perfect for relaxing when you’re pregnant! But can you use a massage chair while pregnant? Next up on our list of common misconceptions about massage chairs is that you cannot.

Many myths and misconceptions surround getting a massage during pregnancy. Studies have shown, however, that getting a massage while pregnant can help with a variety of pregnancy health experiences, help the labor process, and even potentially have a positive impact on newborn health.

Using a massage chair as part of a prenatal massage routine could be a great addition to your pregnancy journey. From back and shoulder massages to glutes and hamstrings, you can deepen your relaxation while letting go of stress. Electric foot massagers at the base of your chair may also provide a number of health benefits during your pregnancy massage routine. According to professionals, a light foot massage during pregnancy is safe as long as you avoid too much pressure during later stages of pregnancy on areas of the ankle that may cause uterine contraction.

Note: Before beginning any massage routine during pregnancy, consult your doctor to ensure it's safe for you to do so.

“Massage Chairs Are Just For Sore Muscles”

Last, though certainly not least, on our list of common misconceptions about massage chairs is that they’re just for sore muscles. Similar to the misconception that back massage chairs are impractical, thinking they’re just for sore muscles often stems from the idea that your chair is just a luxury indulgence.

While massage chair benefits for athletes and active individuals certainly includes relaxing sore muscles, the potential benefits of massage chairs extend well beyond. One of the most influential potential health benefits of better blood circulation. Massage has been shown to increase blood flow throughout the body. Using massage chairs allows you to maintain that on a regular basis, which can enhance how the body heals itself, reduce pressure on the heart, and even help with how to build a strong immune system.

As you can see, there are more than a couple common misconceptions about massage chairs. We hope this guide has given you a clearer understanding of how a massage chair can suit your needs. Choosing a massage chair can enhance any lifestyle and fit almost any budget. You’ll be thankful you made the investment and wonder what you ever did before!

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