4 Ways a Reclining Massage Chair With Heat Helps Tension and Stress
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4 Ways a Reclining Massage Chair With Heat Helps Tension and Stress

Sep 30, 2021

When you think of a massage chair, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it relaxation? A recovery method after a good workout or engaging in physical activities? Today’s luxury massage chairs take your full body massage experience a step further with additional features like heat therapy. A reclining chair with heat and massage may enhance the health benefits you experience and alleviate tension and stress.

Today we’re taking a look at 4 ways a reclining massage chair with heat helps tension and stress leaving you ready to take on whatever life throws at you! These advanced massage chairs could make all the difference and boost your quality of life.

Benefits of Using a Reclining Massage Chair With Heat

We’ve all got stress and tension in our lives. From hectic daily schedules to muscle tension caused by intense physical activities, it’s impossible to escape entirely. Instead of resigning yourself to live with tension or stress, learning how to manage these feelings can go a long way to protecting, and boosting, our overall well being.

Knowing what to consider when deciding the best massage chair to buy helps! With choices like S-track vs L-track massage chairs and 3D vs 4D massage chair rollers to choose from, you might think the health benefits of these chairs stem entirely from there. Instead, additional massage chair features like heat therapy have taken the experience a step further to enhance how full body massages reduce stress and tension.

Some of the ways a reclining massage chair with heat helps tension and stress include:

  • Relaxing muscles groups to alleviate muscle tension
  • Deepening relaxation for stress management
  • Providing potential pain relief, which reduces stress
  • Helping alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety

Using a Reclining Massage Chair With Heat for Muscle Tension

Stress is the most common cause of muscle tension as your body subconsciously continues to tense up and contract muscle groups. With symptoms ranging from discomfort to sharp pain, using a reclining massage chair with heat can assist in relaxing muscle tension and providing pain relief.

A recliner chair with heat and massage loosens muscles and increases range of motion. This increased mobility and flexibility is part of what makes heated massage chairs great recovery tools for athletes or those seeking potential back pain relief. To push the benefits of heat therapy even further, consider doing deep breathing exercises in your massage chair, as well. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) techniques involve tensing and releasing different muscle groups, one at a time, along the body to alleviate muscle tension and relax your body. This exercise in a reclining massage chair with heat may increase its effectiveness and efficiency.

Stress Relief Heat Treatment in Reclining Massage Chairs

One of the best reasons to consider a reclining massage chair with heat is for stress management. Stress management is a skill that may benefit both your physical and mental health. There’s a reason that taking a warm bath or using a heating pad is both soothing and calming. Using a reclining chair with heat and massage features may lead to deeper relaxation that goes hand-in-hand with stress relief and management. Furthermore, the benefits of owning a massage chair with heat allows you to take advantage of that stress relief on your schedule while relaxing in your own environment.

After a long work day, coming home to a reclining massage chair with heat functions may help melt away work-related stress you’re holding in your shoulders and lower back. Some massage chairs with knee and calf heat provide heat therapy along your entire body, enhancing the overall effect!

Heat Therapy Is Nature’s Pain Reliever

Next up on our list of ways a reclining massage chair with heat helps tension and stress is by breaking that negative cycle of stress and pain. Unfortunately stress related pain is exacerbated as pain also increases stress. The benefits of heat therapy may help break this self-feeding negative cycle and get you back on the path to being pain free.

Studies have shown the potential benefits of heat therapy (and cryotherapy) on pain relief and pain management.  Chronic back pain sufferers, for example, may experience increased dress levels as a result of their pain levels. This stress causes the body to subconsciously clench muscle groups without allowing them to relax, adding to the pain. Utilizing heated massage chair benefits for back pain may help reduce pain and stress simultaneously, enhancing how the body heals itself in the process.

Managing Symptoms of Depression in a Reclining Massage Chair With Heat

Last, though certainly not least, on our list of ways a reclining massage chair with heat helps with tension and stress comes their paired use for fighting symptoms of depression. Numerous studies have acknowledged the association between depression and stress, tension, or anxiety. Stress and tension are common causes of depression symptoms while depression can also add to a sense of stress.

While it’s important to speak to a medical professional if you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, there may be ways a recliner chair with heat and massage could assist. Massage and heat therapy keep muscles loose while deepening relaxation that may positively impact symptoms of depression.

We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of a few different ways a reclining massage chair with heat helps tension and stress. Heat therapy allows your body and mind to both relax more deeply, potentially allowing stress and tension to melt away more easily. Choosing a reclining massage chair with heat is a great way to practice self care and boost your overall well being. As always, if your feelings of stress or tension worsen, consult a medical professional for help right away.

For more information on the potential health benefits of massage chairs with heat functions and how they might fit your lifestyle, check out these resources:

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