Getting Relief with a Massage for Gout
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Getting Relief with a Massage for Gout

Oct 21, 2021

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that can come on quickly, resulting in painful inflamed joints that are hot to the touch. The most common form of inflammatory arthritis, gout is experienced by an estimated 9 million Americans each year (with men more prone to developing gout than women). It most frequently starts in the big toe and can spread to the ankles and knees. Similar to other forms of arthritis, there’s no cure for gout but it is a highly treatable ailment.

Today, we’re taking a look at different treatment methods, including getting a massage for gout. These simple home remedies may help alleviate painful gout symptoms and have you back on your feet in no time.

Getting a Massage for Gout Relief

Is a massage good for gout? It can be! As gout is inflammatory, the anti-inflammatory relief massage may bring can be immensely helpful. Different types of massage techniques such as Thai massage and those aimed at helping flush toxins from your body are most beneficial when getting a massage for gout.

If going to a massage therapist while suffering from symptoms of gout doesn’t sound like your ideal situation, you might consider the benefits of owning a massage chair, instead. The benefits of massage therapy at home mean you can get a massage for gout in private and whenever you experience an attack. The evolution of massage chairs has effectively eliminated any difference between using a massage chair vs human massage. Massage chairs with foot and leg massage features are ideal. Other massage chair features such as heat therapy and zero gravity reclining capabilities may also help treat gout effectively.

Some of the ways getting a massage for gout can help include:

  • Increasing blood circulation to reduce inflammation
  • Pain relief properties of massage
  • Stress management

Gout and Poor Circulation

How exactly does getting a massage for gout work, you ask? First, massage has been shown to help increase blood flow. This better blood circulation helps alleviate inflammation and improve joint health. As gout attacks the joints in your body (most commonly the foot, ankle, or knee), this benefit of massage therapy tops the list!

As blood flows more efficiently through the body, it lessens inflammation around joints while delivering oxygen and nutrients to heal tissue that may be damaged. Increased circulation is the source of many benefits of massage therapy. If you’re unable to get to a massage therapist, you might also try lymphatic drainage self massage. This type of massage technique is one of the best for increasing blood flow and the movement of lymph within the body, which helps flush toxins. Lymphatic drainage self massage does take time to learn, however, so choosing massage chair programming that may assist with this can be extremely beneficial.

Pain Relief with a Massage for Gout

The pain relief experienced by getting a massage or using a massage chair may also benefit gout symptoms. One of the primary aims of getting a massage for gout is pain relief, as this common health ailment can be especially painful. One of the benefits of using a massage chair at home is that you can adjust your program to meet your needs. Whether you’re debating between a 3D vs 4D massage chair or looking for a massage chair with AI massage technology, the control users have over today’s luxury models is extremely useful.

Stress and Gout Attacks

Last up in our exploration of getting relief with a massage for gout is how a massage helps with stress management. Stress management is a top method for how to treat gout symptoms naturally. Stress can trigger a gout attack or exacerbate symptoms if you’re already in the midst of one. Unfortunately, this forms a sort of bilateral negative impact as pain from a gout attack can cause stress while that stress then enhances the pain from the gout attack.

There are a number of easy ways to manage stress. If you’re using a massage chair for gout symptoms, you’ll find the deepened relaxation and pain relief you might experience during use helps alleviate stress. Studies have shown that even 5-minute hand or foot massages had profound effects on a patient’s perceived stress and anxiety levels. Other techniques you can use even while using a massage chair include meditation, journaling, or listening to calming music.

Meditation during massage may help increase its effects on stress management. Mindfulness meditation is one of the most common forms of meditation practiced in tandem with getting a massage for anxiety and stress. This form of meditation is about centering your mind and acknowledging your thoughts without judgement.

We hope this guide to getting relief with a massage for gout has given you new information to consider. Is a massage good for gout? You bet! The key is getting the right kind of massage to help meet your needs during a gout attack. Choosing a massage chair with foot and calf massage features is ideal for getting the benefits of massage therapy and relief you need. From pain relief to stress management, having a massage for gout may help you treat symptoms and get back to remission as quickly as possible. If you’re experiencing a gout attack and considering massage, first consult your doctor to see if it may be beneficial and safe.

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