Father's Day Gifts for New Dad
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Father's Day Gifts for New Dad

Jun 09, 2022

Father’s Day is coming up fast and we’re celebrating all the new dads out there! Being a new dad is rewarding, exciting, and exhausting. This year, let’s show the new dads out there just how much we’re thinking of them with thoughtful gifts they can really use. Whether it’s helping them sleep a little more (good luck with that!), packing baby items for being on the go, or finding ways to relax the mind and body, we’ve got you covered with Father’s Day gifts for new dads they’re sure to appreciate.


Every June, we celebrate all the dads out there in every form. This year, however, we’re taking a special interest in the new dads out there. The first year of being a dad brings with it so many new experiences, memories, and lifestyle adjustments. While we know they welcome it all, it’s still great to show them how much we appreciate them with some extra love on their first Father’s Day.

This year, we’re showing you ideas for Father’s Day gifts for new dads that will match their lifestyle and show them you care. Take a look and see which of these Father’s Day gifts for new dads stands out most to you:

  • Smart speaker for nursery
  • White noise machine
  • Massage chair
  • Diaper backpack
  • Digital picture frame
  • Eero mesh wifi system

Smart Speaker for Nursery

Kicking off our list of Father’s Day gifts for new dads is a smart home speaker for the nursery. Any tech-loving dad can appreciate the potential for smart home speakers like the Amazon Echo Dot. New dads can use it to play lullabies for a new baby, catch up on the latest news, or grab facts when the unexpected happens! This is one gadget they’ll wonder how they ever lived without.

White Noise Machine

We couldn’t discuss Father’s Day gifts for new dads without mentioning sleep! Any new parent knows that sleep is a rare commodity with a baby. To help dad make the most of the downtime he gets, a white noise machine like the HoMedics Deep Sleep Mini can be extremely helpful. These tools not only provide a variety of background noise and natural sounds, but also have guided meditation programs for the times when dad needs a little extra help to relax. Perhaps the most useful aspect? They’re portable! Holding a charge up for up to 12 hours of use, they make ideal Father's Day gifts for new dads to use at home or while traveling.

Ogawa Massage Chair

Stepping up the game, next on our list of Father’s Day gifts for new dads is an Ogawa luxury massage chair. If you’ve ever experienced a massage, then you know just how incredible they are. Far more than self-indulgence, the benefits of massage therapy at home is perfect for any new dad to relax, unwind, and protect their overall health and well-being. With multiple luxury massage chair models to choose from, each provides a variety of different types of massage programs as well as a plethora of bonus features to provide the ultimate in relaxation and self care.

Massage chair features like chromotherapy and the benefits of heat therapy can help new dads relax, recharge, and stay loose after a long day! Massage chairs with body scanning technology ensure his massage program begins at the right height for optimal effectiveness and available AI massage technology on the Ogawa Master Drive AI massage chair can deliver a unique massage each time based on his needs.

Other benefits of massage chairs with zero gravity features like the Ogawa Active L 3D Massage Chair further enhance his experience by potentially improving blood flow throughout the body and drastically reducing pressure on the lower back. This can be especially helpful for new dads after carrying around a new baby! The zero gravity position is a catalyst for chronic pain management, building a strong immune system to keep dad healthy, and even help improve sleep quality so he can fall asleep faster and rest more deeply when he gets the chance.

The evolution of massage chairs has eliminated the difference between using a massage chair vs human massage. They’re the perfect Father’s Day gifts for new dads that mom can enjoy, too!

Diaper Backpack

When you become a parent, you quickly recognize the importance of having all the materials you need for your baby on hand at all times. For the dad on the go, a Cross Country Diaper Bag from The Honest Company combines style and functionality making it one of the best Father’s Day gifts for new dads. Created using vegan leather, this stylish diaper bag has a wipeable lining, insulated pockets for snacks and bottles, and plenty of pockets for carrying everything he could need.

Digital Picture Frame

Coming up next on our list of Father’s Day gifts for new dads is a digital picture frame from Aura. Perfect for dads working in the office or at home, a digital picture frame can be filled with all the great new pictures of your growing family. It’s a nice way to feel connected and personalize any space! The Mason frame from Aura can be displayed in landscape or portrait mode and offers a 9" Full HD 1600x1200 screen. Connected with the Aura app, uploading photos is easy right from your phone!

Eero Mesh Wi-Fi System

Last, but not least, on our list of Father’s Day gifts for new dads is the Eero mesh Wi-Fi system. This is ideal for expanding a WiFi signal across the home so new dads can make their home office wherever it needs to be! With a new baby, new dads may feel more comfortable setting up shop in the nursery to keep an eye on the little one. This linked Wi-Fi system lets him have perfect signal so he can work (or relax!) from anywhere in the house.

We hope this guide to Father’s Day gifts for new dads has given you some inspiration! Being a new dad is so rewarding but also a lot of hard work. This year, let’s take the time to celebrate the new dads out there and make their day extra special. From gadgets for tech-loving dads to choosing a massage chair that dad and mom can both enjoy, he’s sure to appreciate the thought you’ve put into taking care of, and celebrating, him.

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